First of all, thank you so much for considering me to review your book! I am currently OPEN to review requests from authors, publishers, and etc.
I will always try my best to write an informative review but I will always write my honest opinion. If I do rate a book lower than 3 stars, I will inform you as to whether I will publish it.
If I do accept your request (I reserve the right to decline any book presented to me) then I will definitely review it, but I will need 1-2 weeks to fully read and write the review. If I happen to need more time, I will inform you by email.
Genres I read:
New and young adult, Fantasy, Dystopia, Contemporary, Mythology, Fairy Tale retellings, Autobiographies and Non-Fiction. Acceptations to the rule apply.
I will only be accepting requests by email, never in comments or on social media.
Please contact me on this address: chelsiebookblogger@gmail.com  
I also link my reviews on Goodreads, Instagram, twitter and possibly my Tumblr.
What I need from you:
1.    Authors name, publisher and an email address to contact if needed
2.    A synopsis of the book, if not available I will use one from Goodreads
3.    The release date of your book (if applicable)
 Thank you again for considering me, if there is any more questions or concerns please fell free to email me with them
- Chelsie 

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