Now the reason I got into this blogging thing was because I watched so many beauty youtubers and I worked in a beauty department, now I liked doing that but it felt super basic, it was what everyone was doing. It was the same posts everyone was doing and the community wasn't the worst but to me it didn't feel the most welcoming.

So I stopped watching a lot of beauty tubers and got very into book tube. I still watch a few beauty but it's not a main thing anymore, and i’m not shitty on that community at all, it's just not for me!

The book blogger, instagram and youtube community is so welcoming. I have never felt so included in something like this and it's amazing. I love it!  

Anyway excuse my rambling, I am going to list my top five booktubers and the reasons why, in no particular order!

Jean Bookish Thoughts

I have been watching this little adorable scottish girl, the first time I watched her I instantly thought she looked like a younger Amy pond and I have never stopped watching her. She is mainly focused on ancient literature which is not my preferred books but she makes me want to read all of them! Pst! She’s doing vlogtember, it's a great way to jump into her videos!


I have such a love for this girl, I haven't been watching her for too long but it was instalove. What’s not to love? She starts videos with a adorable joke, she has such interesting points of view, she touches on topics that some people just won't go near. Her reviews seem really genuine and I 100% trust them! Still haven't read shatter me though!

Hot damn, this wonderful human being is the reason I started reading more fantasy, more importantly she the reason I started reading Throne of glass aka one of my favourite books! She is the kind of person that if hear that she loves a book, that will be the next one I will be buying.

For example these are the books I have bought because she recommend them! To be honest there are probably more!

I never watched her when she was getting really big but only about a year and a half ago when she started booktube.  Now every video she puts out I am completely invested. She is funny, adorable and reads great books! She was the main reason I started reading graphic novels and I love her for that!


Who doesn't love this woman? Seriously who, I want to have a long chat to them about their life choices. Yet another person that says they enjoy a book and I trust 100%. From Percy Jackson to high fantasy and everything in between, this woman has the bookshelf of my dreams! Also the cutest merch!

Now there are plenty more I watch but these are my go to 5 people!

Have I missed your favourite tuber? Let me know and I will 100% check them out, or do you tube? Because again, I will 100% check you out!

Until the next time I read a book
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Chelsie xoxo

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