The Martian


By Andy Weir

Its been a while since I've done some actual writing in a while, I've been doing fault activities, no get your mind out of the gutter, I've done my taxes, taken time off uni to figure out my goals in life, bought a car and today I finally got a new laptop, as my last one did a slow dramatic death while I was in the middle of an assignment, just my luck. So now I have my first ever shinny new Macbook Pro. Anyway enough about me, on to the review!

The Martian is one of those books that you either love or just can’t get into. I had only watched the trailer for the movie coming out before buying the book, I loved the trailer, I thought it looked wonderfully done and such a unique concept. At that point I had no idea that it was a book, then I found out and then looked it up on goodreads cause thats what I do and it had a 4.3 rating (sweet). The only thing I noticed was that people commented on the fact that even though the book was great, the format of the book was difficult to get into (bummer). 
So a few days later I get an audible credit, unsure what to get I remember The Martian and I found that the narrator was amazing, I listened to the sample and fell in love with this mans voice (more on that later). 

Long story short, the audio book is amazing and if you cant get into the book, I would highly suggest the audio version!

I have a love/hate relationship with space, I think it is fascinating and mysterious but I also hate it with a pure passion because I don't understand it at all. I loved this idea, I haven't heard much about this genre before and I adored the concept. 
A man trapped on mars: brilliant story.
A man trapped on mars, abandoned by his crew mates: conflicting story.
A man trapped on mars, abandoned by his crew mates, the world coming together to try and save him at any cost: you have sold me!
I really enjoyed the way the story was put together, it was well researched, I believed all the science and mathematics, the characters where all believable, and the story really does plays with your emotions. I have laughed out loud while listening to this book and I have cried at this book, I have felt so many emotions to all the characters and you rarely find that in writing these days.

Mark Watney could be described as a comedic space MacGyver, honestly I adored this character, he was relatable, funny as anything and smart as hell. I love the way he handled all the obstacles that Mars threw at him and that he was written in a way that he wasn't always positive, he got frustrated, he got angry, he got upset but he got back up again. He is the type of character that you always root no matter what. 

I wont say anything else about his character as you learn quite a bit about him while you go throw the book, and thats something you should experience while reading it.

There are also minor characters which we get to see the perspective of but honestly listening to the book I got a tad confused and I could only tell them apart from the voice acting. ‘

Writing/voice acting
I adored the writing style, I understand for some people the diary/log format might be off putting but the way it is written is perfect for an audio book. No joke it was perfect, I will give props to R.C. Bray cause he was an amazing voice actor. He brought the character to life and used so much expression and I felt his emotions through the words. Honestly this has been my favourite audiobook to date and very much my favourite book to a date.

I would urge anyone to read/listen to this book. It was wonderful and inspiring and goddamn hilarious!

I rate this book 10/10 

Have you read this book? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below!

Until the next time I read a book 
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