Like a lot of people, July was a slow month in reading but a month that moved so fast! Seriously I can’t remember what I did July.
Know I only read 5 books and listened to another book.   Also three of these books are graphic novels. Whoops!

1. Me being me is exactly insane and you being you by Todd Hasak-lowy
I gave this book a rating of 1/5 as it was just so bad. I did a full review that you can find here!
A short summary was that the format did match the story, the writing felt lazy and the story was all over place and it really was confused about what it was supposed to be!

2. The flywheel by Erin Gough
This book received a rating of a 4.5/5. This was the book I needed to push myself back into reading and out of my reading slump (yay!) This book is based in Australia and is about a girl in the last year of high school, but has decided to drop out as last year she was severally bullied when her peers found out she was gay. She focuses on running her father’s café while he is away and everything sort of goes tits up. It is really heart-warming with some amazing characters and it is the only book on my shelf with a lesbian character, which is crazy!

3.  Nimona by Noelle Stevenson
I love love love Noelle’s art style it is just gorgeous, if you are unaware she also designed the fangirl cover and a few others. This book was adapted from a webcomic and it has been put in the most gorgeous book! It follows a shape shifter who seeks out the evil guy and she wants to be his side kick, as the book continues the world unravels and you find a lot more under the surface. I rated this 5/5, please buy this and love it forever and ever!

4.The lumberjanes (not pictured)
Now I thought that because Noelle Stevenson had illustrated the front cover, I thought she would be doing the entire book. Guess who was wrong! Chelsie was wrong. The art style used in the book was a lot messier and I was not happy with it. I mean I didn’t hate it but I was slightly disappointed. This one is about a group of 5 girls at a sleepaway camp and they manage to get into a whole bunch of shenanigans. This novel is super cute and I rated it 4/5.

5.  Ms Marvel
So this is collection of the first 5 comics released in this series. It is about a teenage Muslim, Kamala who is obsessed with the avengers and super heroes and then she becomes one. She struggles to balance her traditional family life and her new super life. This is just a fantastic start of showing diverse characters and cultures. Marvel did a great job with this comic! I rated this a 5/5

6.  Uganda be kidding me by Chelsea Handler
Now this book isn’t a master piece or a grand piece of art but it’s ridiculous and hilarious and slightly wrong in the worst ways. If you are looking for a somewhat cheap laugh then this would be great for you. Note I will only listen to the audio version of this book. Trust me its better. I rated this book a 3.5/5!

 August TBR!
This month I have given myself a slight challenge, as I have SO many half-finished books on my shelf, I have decided to pull out some books that just need finishing!

1.    Alice’s adventures in wonderland by Lewis Carroll
I have four chapters left of this book. I need to finish it like asap! It’s a tad ridiculous…

2.    A passionate love affair with a total stranger by Lucy Robinson
I got this book last year in June, the exact time that I watch the fault in our stars. I know this cause the ticket stump is my book mark!

3.    The fictional woman by Tara Moss
I have one chapter left of this boom, ONE WHOLE CHAPTER! Why haven’t I read it yet? I have no clue but I am going to read right after writing this up!

 4.   All I know now by Carrie Hope Fletcher
To be fair I have only read 37 pages of this book, but I really want to finish it, and plus this is the second youtuber book I am actually excited to read!

5.    Uprooted by Naomi Novik
Just started this book and I am already in love with it and even though it is a slower paced book, I will finish it!

6. The Martian by Andy Weir
Holy hell I am in love with this book. I am listening to it and I feel as though it is adding to the experience of the story. Omg I just love it and I am super excited about watching the movie as well AHHHH!!

The next two are books connected to the two book clubs I am a part of!

7.    Anna and the French kiss by Stephanie Perkins
This is for the skype book club (check it out here). Surprisingly I have never read this book before so when the opportunity came a knocking!  I am liking it so far but only time will tell.

8.    Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone
This is for the book club I am a part of on the kik messenger app and a few of the girls on there have never read harry potter Gasp! And I am always in the mood for some more harry potter!

So until the next time I read a book 
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Chelsie xoxo

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