Ello ello!

So I have decided to try something new and different with you. I just downloaded Spotify on my computer and I found out I can link playlists on here so I thought I would match some of my favourite books with some of my favourite music!
Let’s see if this is a flop or not!

1.       Flywheel paired with girls like girls
2.       Gone girl paired with what’s up
3.       Finding Audrey paired with Doubt
4.       Rat Queens paired with Feeling myself
5.       Hunger games paired with Novocaine
6.    Beauty queens  paired with  Flawless 

So I felt no need to explain all the reasons, unless you would like me to? This took me far too long to compose, I had multiple songs for books and vice versa!
Do you agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below!

So until the next time I read a book 

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Chelsie xoxo

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