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In my last post I mentioned how excited I was to start this, a book written in lists? Yes please! I knew this was going to be really really good, or really really bad and I wasn’t wrong.

Darren: this character was so unlikable, he was so stupid and it makes me so mad. I understand he is a 16 year old kid but he is written to be so problematic and it sort is blurred between if it is just the character or if it the author being problematic. The fact that his divorced dad is gay freaks him out. Which could be understandable but this book is supposed to be written in 2015 and the way he reacts throughout the entire book was so homophobic it was ridiculous! He ran away, he was severely grossed out by the thought, acted if gay was a choice/his fault, and the stereotypes were out of control. He literally wondered if gay was hereditary, its 2015, how bad is his education.

He obsesses over literally any girl he lays his eyes on and its concerning. He will play out fantasies in his head which are so intricate and creepy. When he is sitting with the main girl, 
Zoey he says he wants to connect with her but also he only wants to do that when she has changed 50% of her appearance.  It leaves a strange feeling in my stomach.  Other than that, the character was so dull, he was so boring to read about. Nothing he did was exciting or interesting, nothing he had to say was at all worth reading.

Zoey: Manic pixie dream girl to the max. Strange, quirky, mysterious, no back story, literally only there to further the main males story, boring. Honestly thought we were past this!

Parents: His parents make me want to slam my head against a table.
His mother is never there when it is important, doesn’t seem to give him enough information when needed, more focused on work than her child. She drove me insane!
His father while better than his mother is still hopeless, never sees his kids, when he does he doesn’t seem to know how to interact with them. It’s not good to read at all!

I don’t know if you got this already from what I have already written but this book was so boring. 646 pages of nothing. I couldn’t even tell you how it ended because it just bored me so much I fell asleep.

There were just so many things that happened that just felt off or didn’t fit into the story or were never resolved, here are a few; Maggie making out with him then the next day with her boyfriend: why did this happen, there was no build up nor was there a resolution. It was another woman only being used to further the main male’s story!
The rambling of the main character, I think it was meant to be enlightening to the character but again it was boring and completely unnecessary.

Zoey makes no sense, she had no purpose, and this other planet stuff made no sense.

The idea for writing a book in lists is an A+ idea but the way it was executed was a D-
The writing felt lazy and like a dead-end, it just nowhere. It didn’t need to be this long nor did it need half the lists in it. It could have easily been 300 pages.

I didn’t like it at all, it was just a vortex of boredom.

I gave this book 1.5/5 stars just for the fact it was written in lists but also because it was just so unnecessary.

Let me know if you read this book? Same opinions? Loved it? Leave a comment!

So until the next time I read a book 
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