So I have never done a readathon before, and I have always wanted to attempt one. So then I heard about #cramathon hosted by WhittyNovels on youtube. 
So alas I thought I would give it a shot! 

The idea of the readathon is to gather all of the small books from your TBR shelf and read them in 3 days, the 10th, 11th, and 12th. The only problem I have with this is, I am working all day on two of those days AND cause I am a Australian, I am starting before anyone else in America! 

I will leave all of the information at the end of this blog post!

There are challenges as well, which include:


1. Read a children's book
2. Read a hardback
3. Read 2 books in 24 hours
4. Read a graphic novel
5. Read a book written in verse
6. Read a novella
7. Read 5 books total

Four of these challenges I am not going to be able to do, I have no children's book on my tbr, I have no hardbacks, I have no in verse novels and also no novellas. But I have added two of my own challenges to make up for it! 1. Read a non-fiction book & 2. Read a play!
So challenge wise i'm not gonna do so well but I don't mind!

The books on my TBR include:
Nimona by Noelle Stevenson 
The purity myth by Jessic Valenti 
Boy meets boy by David Levithan 
The Winter's tale  by William Shakespeare
The great Gatsby by Scott Fitzgerald 
The war of the worlds by H.G. Wells 
Lord of the Flies by William Golding 

So as you can see I have quite a few classic books and I hoping that I can fly through them like I have in the past! 

So what books are you reading in this readathon? Are you even participating? Let me know and we can converse! 

Until the next time I read a book;
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Byeee Chelsie xox 

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