I've never owned a library card, never loaned a book, never really went out of my way to borrow a book. Mainly because I do like owning books, I do love my mini library of my own but today I ventured out to find a library!

My nearest Library is about 15 minutes away from me in a car which is awesome, the lady signed me up in under 2 minutes and then I had free reign!

I got 6 books and 1 graphic novel, all of which I have heard about or seen but never felt the need to buy instantly but I still wanted to read. 

If I do love these books I will end up buying them, that is a fact. Also going to add the selection wasn't the greatest ever but it is better than some people have in their town!

Me being me is exactly as insane as you being you by Todd Hasak-lowy 
I think I saw this book in the background of someones booktube video and thought nothing of it but I saw it and grabbed it and its a book full of lists. Im excited. I have a feeling I will love this book so much!

Tape by Steven Camden 
Haven't heard of this book before at all but its a love story and a time travel story. I'm excited!

How I got skinny, famous and fell madly in love by Ken Baker
I feel as though this book is going to have a super deep meaning but I am sure I will love it!

Love and other perishable things by Laura Buzo 
Again, never heard about this book, but its short and looks cute and lovey so I am moderately enthused about starting this book!

I am princess x by Cherie Priest 
This book as sitting alone and it looks super interesting, I have not much of an idea of what it is about but all I know is that it is half writing and half comic book. Hell to the Yeah!

Shatter me by Tahereh Mafi 
I have heard good things about this book, no specific things just general good things. I think I will like this cause its YA dystopian and I live YA dystopian. 

Heroes volume one
I just recently watched the first season of Heroes and I quite enjoyed it, the second season is very questionable and I stopped watching it, but I had no idea there was a graphic novel! How cool! This should be cool to see the story in a different medium.  

Look at all those books I got for free! I mean like I said before there wasn't the largest selection of books but there is a downside to living in Australia, the lack or lateness with the selection!

So until the next time I read a book  
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Chelsie xoxo

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