Okay so I am so behind when it comes to certain authors or series or just books in general, so I feel bad about it, I mean I still haven’t read some basics when it comes to the online book world. But I thought I would start a little series of ‘Top number of things I have not read and you probably hate me for ' you know just a short simple title.
So here is a bunch of authors I have not yet read BUT are planning to read some day, lets not hold our breath.

1.       Brandon Sanderson
This one I am actually annoyed about, but I haven’t heard of him until very recently and since then I have heard nothing but wonderful, amazing things. I have ordered ‘The final empire’, which I am like 89% sure that it is his first novel in the mistborn series so I will be getting on to that sometime.

2.       Sarah Dessen
Again I have heard nothing but amazing things about this author and I really want to read her stuff but I am falling out of love with contemporary, which sucks for all my unread contemporary books sitting in my TBR shelf right now!

3.       David Levithan
Now I have no excuse for not reading this author, as I own one of his books which is also the shortest book. I think it’s just over 200 pages. I really have no excuse!

4.       Patrick Ness
This man has so many of his books sitting in my wish lists, honestly I feel as if I started reading his books, I would instantly fall in love and claim him as my favourite author. Why haven’t I? Who knows?  

5.       Jane Austen
I am just going to see myself out with this one, it’s just an embarrassment.

6.       Neil Gaiman
I want to read all of his books, including the sandman comic book series which looks like the most amazing thing! Ugh I need more time in my life!

7.       Patrick Rothfuss
I have heard mixed opinions on Patrick Rothfuss books, you either love them with all your heart or really couldn’t care less.  I want to give his writing a go and venture out of my comfort zone.

8.       George Orwell
Again just embarrassing, I have 1984, and I want to read it but I just haven’t. To be fair it looks to be a really heavy book with so much to get my head around so one day I will but when will that day arrive? I have no clue!

So that is my list of authors who I am super excited to read and enjoy the goodness of their writing but haven’t gotten around to it yet!
Is there any of these authors’ books you would recommend, I would love that!

Until the next time I read a book;

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Chelsie xox  

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