So I am not going to lie, cause I have been so bad at reading in the last two months while on the other hand, I have been so good at buying books (as in buying a lot of books).  


Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella 
I loved this book so much, it was such a well done mentally health positive book. Kinsella does a fantastic job of portraying seeking help and taking medication in such a positive light!

Marked by P.C. Cast 
I forced myself to finish this book, I started it almost 2 years ago and for some reason left about 70 pages and I couldn’t remember why. I now know why, it’s so difficult to read. Not for me thanks!

Me and Earl and the dying girl by Jessie Andrews 
I have heard so many great things about this book, so many amazing things. I had such a mediocre time reading this book. Everyone found this so funny, I did not. The main character was so hard to read through, I actually started to hate him. I will be doing a full review to express my opinions.  

Graphic Novels:

Dead to the world (izombie #1) 
This novel was so disappointing! I am loving the TV show version of this comic, and it is very different from each other. It’s just the slowest graphic novel I have ever read and I fell asleep reading it twice!

Rat Queens, Vol 2: The far reaching tentacles of n’rygoth 
This series is one of my favourite things ever! The story, the characters and the art work is all wonderful. This series can only be described as ‘Sex and the city mixed with Lord of the Rings on crack’ honestly who wouldn’t want to read this? If you haven’t read this series, I would recommend it until the end of time!

Audio books:

Throne of glass by Sarah J. Maas 
Omg this book was amazing. I did listen to this on a whim, not knowing anything about this series and I now love this world and I want more and more and more!

May I have your attention please? By James Corden 
Just a solid autobiography about an actor who I have watched for years now and it was so interesting learning all the behind the scenes.

So these past two months have been a rollercoaster of book quality/enjoyment
I'm currently reading Crown of midnight by Sarah J. Maas which I am loving so far, i'm about 100 pages into it and I still love the world so much. I have no audio books or graphic novels at the moment but hopefully soon I will be able to get some!

Let me know how you felt with these books! Agree,disagree, have no emotion at all?

Until the next time I read a book 
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