Life/book update!


Well hello my lovely little nuggets of joy,
How are we? I can’t hear you. This is a one way conversation.

So in the past 2 months I have been so slack with book blogging and reading, I mean I am still buying books like no tomorrow BUT I am not reading them and by TBR pile is overflowing.

To be fair towards me, I have finished the audiobook “May I have your attention please” by James Corden, which I very much enjoyed and then I decided that because I loved listening to the book on my way to work so much, that I would buy another audio book. . . which one you ask?
With literally no prior knowledge of this book at all I started listening to “Throne of Glass” by Sarah J. Maas. So far I am loving it and I will hopefully be buying the whole collection!

So to jump start my way back to reading I have chosen five books to read in the next 2 months. Here is the list:

1st on the list is “The selection” by Kiera Cass, I have been reaching for this book for like years now and finally I will be reading it!

2nd is a book I got yesterday, “Dorothy must die” by Danielle Paige, every time I saw this book in the store I wanted it so back but never got around to buying it, now I have it in my grasp and I am so pumped to read this re-working.  
3rd is another new book, “The raven boys” by Maggie Stiefvater, I have heard nothing but amazing reviews on this.

4th is “Love letters to the dead” I feel as if this book will take me no time to read cause it is just letters. Plus the cover is stunning!

The final book is “Vicious” by V.E. Schwab, like all the other books on this list, it has amazing reviews and I am bloody ready for this book to be in my brain!

So let me know what book/s you are currently reading or if you have read any of the above, let me know what you think!

Thank you for reading and I will see you when I read another book!

Chelsie xox 

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