Oh my golly goodness, so you know when you buy far too many books for your life? Well this month was like this.  I have a total of 16 books to haul today! Why am I allowed in book stores?

I have categorised the books into 3 sub sections; bookstore (online included), Second hand books and Graphic Novels.

Let’s get started!

Since bookstores and book depository are my babes, i get most of my books from them!

Look Who's Back - Unread but it is in my top 10 TBR reads!

The winners curse - Currently reading and really enjoying this one!

These broken stars - Unread I accidentally brought two of these books so I managed to give one away to my friend.

Vicious - OMG I want to read this book right this second!

Love letters to the dead - Very much a last minute purchase on book depository but it is written entirely in letters so I am so excited for this one!

Me and earl and the dying girl - Finally managed to get my hands on this bad boy. 

Red Queen - Read and was amazing, review here!

Afterworlds - Read and was also amazing, might do a review soon!

The manifesto on how to be interesting - Unread, picked this one up on a whim and it looks so interesting and the book is so striking!

imon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda - Read and this book was the perfect start to my April! Review here!

Anne of green gables - Unread, mainly brought this for the gorgeous cover but I really want to get stuck into this book!

All the bright places - Read, worst book of April to me, find out why here!

Second hand books:

Sherlock Holmes- I think I paid like $12 for this gorgeous hardback cover of Sherlock Holmes 

Dracula - Unread but is 100% up the list on my TBR, I got this for $7 at my Uni market place!

The great Gatsby - Unread but I need to read this classic pronto!  I paid $8 for this book, again at my Uni markets!

Graphic Novels:
Only two this month and i have lent them out to a friend :(

Sex criminals - Read and was amazing! i cant wait to get my hands on the second volume! 

The woods - Read and was pretty decent. I'm not 100% sure how i feels about this graphic novel!

So make me feel less bad about buying a crazy amount of books and let me know what you picked up this month or let me know if you read any of these :)

Until the next time I read a book;
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