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Today I thought I would do something new, I know, I know, new things are scary but we can do this!

I am going to do a FIRST IMPRESSIONS a book. So pretty much I am going to judge a book by its cover/blurb/goodreads summary.

By Jennifer Niven

When I first saw this book on everybody’s Instagram and blog I thought ‘that’s looks like an adorable contemporary read’ & ‘I think I might pick this up’ & ‘this has such good reviews, it must be so good’.

Now before I go on, I feel as though I must tell you these facts; I am a second year psychology major, I personally deal with a mental illness on a daily basis and quite a few of my friends deal with a mental illness and I have very strong feelings about how mental illness should portrayed. All these factors contribute to why I don’t like the sound of this book.

The first thing that gets me, is the tag line on the goodreads summary;

‘’The Fault in Our Stars meets Eleanor and Park’

When people describe books using other books, it makes me so mad but that’s for another time.

The second thing that gets me is the tagline on the novel 

The story about a girl who learns to live from a boy who wants to die.'

This gets me so angry, suicide is such an important topic that needs to be spoken about in such a specific way, the idea of someone using someone else’s suicidal thoughts for their own means  to continue living is so disrespectful and such narcissistic thing to do. And to write about characters like this in a positive light so bad.

From what I can gather both characters have some varying degree of depression and post-traumatic stress, both subjects need to be taken seriously and I have researched the living heck out of the author and have found no training or knowledge in this area.

The way this book is displayed and the summaries that it gives, it feels far to light, airy and cheerful so such important topics. BUT I might be completely wrong, the boom might be fantastic and wonderful and have correct representation or it could be a complete social experiment! Who knows! 

And that’s why I do want to read, as a way to collect all the information and come to a final conclusion after it is finished!

Overall I am apprehensive about this book; I am trying my hardest to read it with an open mind.

I’m now currently about 130 pages in. to be honest it not looking too great, but I will persevere and try my best not to hate it on sight!

Let me know what you think about these things! I am so interested in what you have to say!

So until the next time i read a book
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