Hello my lovely little sugar plum fairies,

Today has been a wonderful day full of reading and writing book reviews, and I mean a lot of reviews. I have 10 books I need to look at and review the fudge out of!
So first on my long list is ‘”Are you seeing me’ by Darren Groth.

I picked this this book up in a small book store while I was waiting for a friend.  I mainly bought it as is an Australian book, written by a Australian and published by an Australian publisher. I feel the pride in my blood.

This novel follows two storytellers; Perry a nineteen year old boy with a brain condition and a love for all thing earthquakes, Jackie Chan and sea monsters and his twin sister Justine who is also his full time career after their father passed away.

I have read a few books with characters with brain conditions and Darren Groth hits the nail on the head with his character Perry.

We follow the two characters through Canada and the USA searching for Ogopogo, a sea monster Perry is fascinated with. And when it is least expected their mother is suddenly back in the picture after walking out when Perry’s condition got too much to handle.

This novel doesn't reach 300 pages but each page is filled with emotion, family struggles and the family dysfunctions everyone has. This book has so much heart and soul, reading these two kids searching for themselves, while also looking out for one another is so wonderfully down. The relationship between Justine and Perry just makes you want to hug your siblings and tell them how much you love them.

Are you seeing me is a wonderfully written book that showcases unconditional love at its finest

I rate this novel
4 stars out of 5 stars

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Until the next time I read a book

Chelsie xox

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