This post was either going to be about what book I loved most this month or it was going to be what book I wanted to buy in the following month.
I couldn’t decide on which, so I chose to do both in a new segment I like to call

There were tons of names in the process of this, I really wanted to make it slightly original and I haven’t seen this title before and I quite like it!
So the ‘flashback’ part of the post is looking back at my favourite book of this month, and the ‘jumpcut’ portion of the post will be the book I’m most excited about buying/reading.

Pretty straight forward really!


My favourite book/s this past month has to be:


I’m not sure if people classify this as a book because it is a graphic novel but I’m calling it one and it was an amazing one at that!  
I don’t want to go too deeply into the book as I want to do a very extensive, 14 page review on how brilliant the series is. So keep your eye out for that one.

To sum up the synopsis, it is about a woman and a man from different planets who are at war. The pair are supposed to hate each other but end up falling in love, it starts off by the female (Alana) giving birth to their daughter. The daughter inherits both wings from her mother and horns from her father (Marko).  After she is born multiple people are sent to kill the parents and retrieve/kill the newborn. There are woman with no arms and half spider, there are babysitting ghosts with half of her torso missing, and there are robots with screens for faces and much more. The artist, Fiona Staples, did a phenomenal job at portraying at Vaughan’s intricate world, she is a beautiful artist who deserves the praise she receives.

 What is interesting about this book, is that there is no really enemy. Everyone in the book has their own job to do and you pretty much end up rooting for all the characters. The characters, even though they look different to us and have slightly different problems and issues throughout the book, make it very easy to relate to them. The characters feel like real people who you can connect with very easily and quickly.
I will be doing a much larger and more in depth review as it is a very extensive world and I wish to go into it in more detail but that won’t happen until I get it back from a friend.


Now I have just looked through my entire bookdepository wish list, and I generally buy one or two books from there a week, but the book I wanted to get was ‘Men explain things to me’ by Rebecca Solnit,  but it is currently out of stock in paperback. *Insert sad face here*. But I assume I will get it sooner or later!

So this month’s jumpcut is:


I am kind of surprised and ashamed that I haven’t read this one before. I feel as if every student in the history of modern schooling has read this book. Apart from this chick. And so since most books are referred back to this being the inspiration, I really want to read it!
Plus there is a movie I haven’t watched before, so if I enjoy the book I can look into that as well!

Since my goal of this year is to read at least one graphic novel each month, I am going to put the one I am going to buy and read and hopefully enjoy whole heartedly!


I have literally no idea what this one is about, and frankly I don’t really want to find out. With saga, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and I feel as though it’s a slightly good path to take with graphic novels. I must say though, it looks very interesting and very beautifully drawn. Plus it has pretty good reviews, so I figure I will be in for some sort of ride. Whether it will be a good or bad ride, I guess I will find out!

So I must get to buying these books!
See you next month to see what my Flashbacks and Jumpcuts will be

Also, the name, yay or nay. . . I can't seem to decide if I like it or not. Let me know your opinion!  

Until the next time I read a book

Bye xox 

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