By Grace Helbig

Grace’s Guide is a comedic/somewhat self-help/autobiography book about how transition into a successful adult, it is filled with tips and tricks to help ease you into the life that is adulthood.

Grace Helbig is a youtube personality who is equally parts adorable, creative, hilarious and awkward.
I first listened to this book through Audible (not sponsored but hit me up audible), which some people call cheating but I call them morons. I listened to this book in less than a week in my car while driving to work and back, and because it was such a fantastic listen, I brought the psychical copy and it is beautiful!  

The book is separated into 5 chunks which then boil down into chapters.

The chunks (great word) are: Introduction, Professional life, Social life, Love life, and Lifestyle.

The introduction gives you 50 adult survival tips in general, focusing on the importance of personal hygiene, how to open a wine bottle with a shoe and the three most important condiments you need in your home.

She then goes on to give tips and advice on how to survive the horrible adult world while also making you laugh and think.

She taught me many new ways to help with my anxiety, how to get through a hangover, how to make proper adult friendships and just generally how to not freak out over how much being a grown up can be a terrifying experience.

I can honestly recommend this book to any person from the age of 16 to 35 years old. There is something for everyone in this book and I honestly will be coming back to it again and again for more tips as I get older.

I rate this book

But I wasn’t the only one who rated this book
Goodreads gave it a 4.2 stars out of 5
Audible gave it a 4.6 stars out of 5
and Amazon gave it a full 5 star review!


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let me know how you feel about this book, any favourite parts?

Until I read yet another book

Bye xox

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